You Will Never Be…Pretty

Poetry slammer Katie Makkai gives voice to how we – as parents, as teachers, as those concerned with the tender hearts of our young people – should respond to the insecurities our girls carry as a result of listening to and watching what the media deems to suggest what’s right for them. It is absolutely powerful.


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  1. River says:

    Hi there,
    I found your site only today as i’m doing a book report on women who run with the wolves. My question to you is why did you stop?

    I read the whole book in 2009 after my yoga teacher told me about it. It is really one of the best books i have come across, so if you gave up i urge you to pick it up and continue your work.

    These blogs may not reach everyone but even one person is enough(i noticed someone else asking about this too)

    The most deepest story for me is the Handless maiden, i cried and cried but i needed it. This book has bought transformation for me, not perfectly, but i hurt much less and i even stared painting!

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