1. Danielle says:

    What a powerful quote. I just read about Uncle Bay’s passing and wanted to say that my heart is with you and your family during this time.

    Wishing you and yours quiet peace and balance.

  2. Pat says:

    Inspiring quote. There are lots of possibility in life and we can start differently with this quote. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. KWiz says:

    Hi Rhonda,
    Yes, this principle gives us a bit of flexibility, but it requires a lot of listening, much awareness of one’s self and what’s going on around her. And that, in and of itself, requires much intention. But I think it’s so well worth it.

  4. The New Parent says:

    Hi Kwiz—to be in tune with your self requires great effort and work.
    I think that seeking truth is preferable to deciding what truth is by assumption, opinion or hearsay.

    Wonderful quote, Kwiz, thank you.

  5. KWiz says:

    Surjit, that’s a great one! Yet, I often think, if we’re focused on God’s will for our lives, that our plans can be in line with God’s will. In other words, in seeking what God wants for us (and I firmly believe God has a plan for each of us), the desires that become strong in us (and I’m not talking about obtaining material wealth, necessarily, or other “things”) are really what He may truly desire for us. It’s worked for me so far!

  6. KWiz says:

    Hi The New Parent,
    I am in absolute agreement with you – being self-aware requires daily effort, but it’s so worth it. Because not being aware of self means you’re out of control or running on auto-pilot – and neither is good. I know from experience…

  7. Armand says:

    Good quote.

    Trying to be something that isn’t really you can be very frustrating.

    The point of the quote: listen / trust your guts.

  8. Rochelle says:

    This is a powerful and wonderful quote. And here is a very belated thank you. Back in January you listed me as one of your Five Favorites For Friday for a post I gave a little tribute to a lady we called Hello Kitty, who we loved very dearly. My husband always teases saying, “If you want to know who you are, do a google search on your name!” So I did, and I found your blog. Thanks.

    I felt encouraged after reading through your blog. I’ll be back.

  9. MsJayy says:

    This is a truly powerful quote. For me, questions hold more value than answers because it takes a deeper level of courage to admit that there is a question for which you have no answer. I’ll be turning this over in my mind for a bit. Be well!

  10. Charlotte says:

    Excellent quote. I like how it covers the idea of destiny without necessarily assigning a religious tone, which can turn a lot of people off to the actual message. Good find!

  11. JD says:

    Profound but how do you hear what your life tells you? I think my life is trying to say something, but I am too busy to hear,help me out

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