Tag! I’m It! a.k.a. Why Do I Blog?

The title of this post sounds like I’m about to play a childhood game, huh?  Actually, Jose over at Tried It Myself! was tagged and he tagged me, so here I am, participating in the “Five Reasons Why I Blog” meme.

Jose calls himself an “accidental blogger.”  That’s a good way to describe how I arrived here as well.  In fact, my husband was talking about blogging a few years ago as he talked about the release of his upcoming book project.  At that time, he got a bit sidetracked with another essential project, and I forgot about the whole blogging business.  All of a sudden, though, back in November ’06, the idea of blogging entered my mind.  I remembered what he said and began researching it for him (I am a great researcher).  As I was gathering information to encourage him to begin his blogging endeavors, I was reminded of the fact that I have a ministry waiting in the wings that had not yet gotten off the ground because it just wasn’t time. 

Nevertheless, it seemed to now be the time, and it appeared blogging would be a good way for me to begin.  As I talked with my husband about it, he encouraged me to go forth while he was completing his project.  And I was excited about it.  So I went forth, not knowing.  And so here I am.  

So why do I blog?  Here are my five reasons:

  1. Blogging allows me to communicate with people around the world without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to do so.  It is my hope that I will, someday, have the opportunity to travel to provide ministry somewhere.  However, I don’t know how long it will be before that happens.  So God has provided me this opportunity.  And it’s been great!  I had no idea the wonderful worldwide exposure you can get just by putting yourself out there.
  2. Blogging gives me an opportunity to exercise and refine the writing gift God placed within me.  Please know I never considered myself to be a writer (although I’ve written tons of papers during both of my grad school stints).  In fact, my husband often told me that I was a writer, and just as often I looked at him in disbelief.  However, now that I’m blogging (writing) regularly, I’m enjoying it, and seeing improvement in my gift (if anyone would like to provide feedback, please do so – I welcome it!).
  3. Blogging allows me to be aware of those things that I, personally, need to improve upon in my own life.  In other words, my blog is sort of like a journal, but not.  The fact that I’m a wife, mother, friend, daughter, teacher, etc. all inform who I am, but I also know I need to work on all of those aspects of my life.  By blogging, I enter into conversations that help me to gain wisdom so I can grow to be better today than I was yesterday. 
  4. Blogging gives me the opportunity to develop the material I need to have a fruitful ministry.  Although I’ve only been blogging a short time, I already have lots of material I’ve generated here that I can further develop for ministry purposes.
  5. Finally, I blog to have fun in the blogosphere!  There are lots of interesting people out there, and it’s fun discovering who they are.  What’s the sense of doing something you don’t like to do, especially when it’s practically for free (except for hosting expenses)?  Not here, buddy!

So those are the five reasons why I blog.  I’m sure others will creep up as I continue my ramblings in the blogosphere, but I’m certain I’ve been long-winded enough.  Okay, who’s next?

I don’t know how I found Rachel Briggs at The Challenge Of Life, but I admire her courage to share some very personal experiences and the challenges that go along with them (hence the title of her blog).  So Rachel, let us know, what are five reasons why you blog?

If you want to see a blog with some good graphics, photos, etc., in addition to great content, check out Peg over at Peg, As She Is.  And so, Peg, you’ve now been meme tagged (is that a term?).  What are five reasons why you blog?

When I stumbled upon Paula Neal Mooney‘s site, it was sort of tough getting off it.  I finally had to just cut myself off and send her a message telling her that she was completely nutty (in a good way).  Paula, you’ve been tagged.  What are five reasons why you blog? 

Lastly, I mentioned at the beginning of this post that my husband was the inspiration behind my blogging start.  Well, under the name “manchild,” he began his blog entitled When Least Expected in Jan. 07.  So, manchild, what are five reasons why you blog? 

Thank you, Jose, for the opportunity to share a bit about an endeavor that keeps growing by the day!   


  1. Jose says:

    Hi KWiz,

    Very nice! I like your meme, especially the part where you talk about discovering things about yourself that you want to change and improve upon. Some times I find myself thinking about what I need to improve upon while I am blogging.

    I’ve read in several comments that bloggers often have things in common. I believe that is true. I consider myself to be an aspiring writer, hoping to find success as a writer of online content. So, I use blogging to improve my writing as well. I love meeting new people, and I especially love it when new bloggers visit and leave comments. I really appreciate that.

    I also like the fact that you are using blogging as a means to minister to people. That’s really great. I hope that your ministry grows as a result of your experiences with blogging.

    Finally, I am having much fun exploring the blogosphere. It is a vast and wonderful world out there. I would one day love to visit some of the actual places where fellow bloggers live around the world. That would be very exciting to me.

    I’m glad that your husband inspired you to blog!

    Take care,

  2. Paula Neal Mooney says:

    Yay! KWiz tagged me!

    I’ve finally been tagged for this game I’ve been watching everyone else play!

    Thank you so much.

    I agree that blogging is an easy and inexpensive way to communicate.

    Thanks for this post,

  3. Madena M Burman says:

    Did I read that right? Manchild is your husband? You two are a fabulous team!! The conversations that must take place in your home and how blessed your children are to have you!!

    Take care,

  4. KWiz says:

    Thanks again for tagging me. It is amazing what one can discover out in the blogosphere! And yes, my husband is very supportive of what I’m doing. He’s blogging himself!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You’ve got a great one!

    I look forward to reading about the reasons why you blog…

    Yes, manchild is my husband. Interestingly, we have just begun just recently to have the deep discussions, mainly because of my own past. But we’re moving along, and yes, the discussions are quite interesting. I like to think our daughter is blessed; we certainly tell her often enough how awesome she is.

    I look forward to reading about the reasons why you blog as well…

    This is great!!!

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