Simply Successful Secrets – Oops!

I am learning so much about meeting people in the world of blogging. Mostly, I am humbled by the comments I receive to my posts. You all have let me know that you value the content that I produce here. I am so appreciative that you all come to see me here.

I’m saying this because it seems I responded to the “Simply Successful Secrets” meme but didn’t realize more than one person tagged me for it. I responded here to Laura’s tag, but forgot that Ophelia at Breathing Prosperity and Sania Wyatt tagged me for the same meme. And now, I’m feeling a bit awkward, somewhat penitent, that I didn’t acknowledge Ophelia and Sania for tagging me.

What that means is some great people read my blog, and I overlooked two people who do (and I hope will continue to do so). So Ophelia, I apologize to you for not acknowledging your tag. And Sania, I apologize to you as well for not acknowledging your tag. I appreciate you thinking so much of me to include me and I hope you will continue to consider me when good things like that come down the paths of the blogging world.


  1. Ophelia says:

    Hey KWiz,
    You are so sweet, We love your blog- No apology needed. We are just glad to be all part of the same amazing blog community.

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