It’s Here!!!

Well, it’s finally happening…

I met my husband, Manchild, almost 8 years ago. From the time I met him, I have seen him labor over a literary project that he started over 10 years ago.

It’s been a painstaking process for him. Who would’ve known that it would take the enormous buckets of sweat and tears flowing from his very being to write a book? Days and nights and nights and days. Lots of revisions. Not just two. Not just five. Countless revisions! And seemingly endless editing (yes, I am a wife, mother, and now editor too!).

And now it’s time. Manchild has finally completed his book, Steppin Out Of The Darkness, When Good People Become Great. It is a book unlike any I’ve ever read. As a friend of ours said to him one evening as she was reviewing the book, “This is not normal” (in a complimentary way). Below is the cover image for the book.

You can get a feel for what I’m talking about by reading what the book is about on his blog, When Least Expected™. Click the right side image below to read the back cover of Steppin’ Out Of The Darkness.


Sweetheart, I’m so very proud of you!!!




  1. Denise says:

    Wow, congratulations! The back cover looks very professional and it sounds like a really good story. That last paragraph brought back some of my own abandoned visions… Where’s the purchase link? 😉

  2. KWiz says:

    Hi Denise,
    Thank you for your feedback…the purchase link will be available later on this week. I’ll notify you when the link becomes available.

    Thanks again, Denise!

  3. John Penberthy says:

    I totally relate. My book, To Bee or Not to Bee, has taken an amazing journey in the last 2 1/2 years, going from self-published to 11 languages. Now it’s in all the Barnes & Noble stores! Dreams do come true. Go Manchild!

  4. Gabriella says:

    My friend just published his first book last April and by the time it was at the press, he was so tired of the whole process he just wanted it over with (which, thinking back on it, reminds me of another friend’s wedding experience). And he only spent a year. It is great to read about someone who persevered for so long to make it just right. The back cover looks great, catches your attention and reads smoothly.

    Congrats to you!

    Maybe I shouldn’t give up on my book after all…

  5. KWiz says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Seeing my husband labor over this project has shown me that doing whatever it takes is so worth it. The book has gone through so many iterations, yet, with each one, it got better and better. It was definitely a process. And my husband knew when it wasn’t right. So he kept pouring over it and pouring over it. And believe me, it’s a much better book than when I first started editing it almost 7 years ago. Thank you for your feedback on the back cover. He worked on that for a long time!

    To John, even when you want to give up, it’s that extra effort that makes the difference. If you believe in it, don’t give up.

  6. Robin Lee Sardini says:

    Well~said! Your husband is indeed a wordsmith who has labored and perfected his craft. Like a sculptor, he has chiseled out only the very best pieces from the massive monolith. His reward for such precision and dedication? A work of art and high praise from fellow sojourners.
    Congratulations & God bless you!

  7. KWiz says:

    Hi George,

    I’ve read The Dream Giver, and I can tell you that this book is not like the Dream Giver necessarily. And it isn’t a “black” version. This book has no color. It’s a very introspective book that will get you thinking quite a bit. And not to be disrespectful to the author of The Dream Giver, but Steppin’ Out Of The Darkness has a bit more “bite.” The release has been delayed for a little bit (to be released toward the end of April); we hope you’ll purchase it to find out for yourself.

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