Five Favorites For Friday

One of my goals for 2007 is to begin a few blogging traditions. The first tradition is to begin a weekly “Five Favorites For Friday” post. Each Friday, I will list and provide a description of my five favorite posts for that week. They may or may not have a specific focus – the only requirement is that I found them interesting or funny or informative or whatever… Let me know what you think, and if you’d like, please submit your own!  Here are my five for the week…

  1. “Let me give you some constructive criticism…” We’ve heard that saying often. We’ve probably even said it to other people ourselves. Yet, is our “criticism” truly “constructive,” or is it just something we say to have an excuse to tell someone what we really think without really thinking (I’m guilty of this myself…)? Although targeted toward businesses, Ben Yoskovitz at Instigator Blog provides three tips for anyone on how to give feedback in a tough situation. Thanks Ben. Great post.
  2. I have noticed over the years that we don’t give the elderly the respect and awe they’ve received and deserved in generations past. I love this post by Rochelle Ritzi at Dream Bigger because it gives honor to “Hello Kitty,” an elderly woman who was visited often by Rochelle’s husband in his weekly visits to the nursing home in which she lived. This is just a touching post to me, as it reminded me of the grandmother I didn’t get an opportunity to see before she passed many years ago…
  3. Did you know that “God makes puppies cute so we don’t kill them”? If you have a dog, or even if you don’t, you’ve got to check out Carol’s post entitled “She’s Not Quite Housebroken” at her blog She Lives. Not only will you get good tips about how to clean up those wonderful little “messes,” you may just crack up at the “cartoon” at the end of the post (especially if you’re a “24” fan). This is a fun post you’ll enjoy reading to “lighten things up.”
  4. Losing your keys and forgetting to turn in overdue DVDs can indicate you may be a little disorganized. But did you know this disorganization can lead to a hole in your pocket? Read about it and get incentive to change at‘s “Sixteen Ways Being Disorganized Costs You Money.”
  5. What if you could eliminate your greatest weakness this very instant? Would you be able to make more money? Would you be a better spouse? Wendy Piersall at discusses the way we look at obstacles in our lives and how to move beyond them in “How to Become An Unstoppable Force in Business, Blogging, and Life.”