1. Martin Lindsey says:

    I’d say no, because if we are that immovable mountain He can certainly sheer us off and remove us as an obstacle.

    Questions. What does your screen name mean? Is it pronounced “Quiz” or “K-Wiz”? Other question, can I add you to the list of bloggers I’d like to interview on MartyBLOGs?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. KWiz says:

    Hi Martin,
    That is an interesting point. However, when my students ask me (I teach biblical studies in high school), why didn’t God just smite His people when they were disobedient, I tell them to examine the biblical text carefully. God always lets people make their own choices, and people face the consequences of those choices. So while He most certainly can remove us as obstacles (and He may do that), I wonder if it is an immediate response. From what I can tell in the biblical text, it’s not – He lets things happen to His people. I would hope that He wouldn’t just remove us – I would have been gone a long time ago!

  3. Martin Lindsey says:

    Design question this time. How did you insert the trademark symbol next to your title? Is that one of those things you have to file for to claim creation or publishing rights or do you just have to be the first one to do it?

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