1. The New Parent says:

    Hi Kwiz–really wonderful thought and question.

    For me the balance IS between being settled and unsettled. When unsettled I seek, when settled I don’t. Important to seek and important to rest.

    Thank you for the provocative thought!

  2. susan hanshaw says:

    I spent my entire morning trying to be comfortable with how unsettled I was feeling. It became the focus for my own blog post. Then later I felt called to visit your site, where I discovered exactly what I needed to see—that I wasn’t the only one who was experiencing a similar vibe. Somehow that knowing helped me. Thank you!

  3. KWiz says:

    Thanks for coming, The New Parent…I’m glad you found the quote useful. It really sort of explains where I am alot of the time.

  4. KWiz says:

    Hi Susan, thank you for visiting. I’m glad the post helped you. I think that knowing that we’re not the only ones experiencing something uncomfortable or even painful helps alot of us. We’re not so unusual after all.

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