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KFSI am the wife of a wonderfully caring man, the mother of a fabulous daughter, and a teacher of Biblical Studies at an independent, college prep high school in Georgia who is seeking to live out her calling as a Woman Walking In Wisdom’s Footsteps.

I’ve been married since April 2001 to a great writer, photographer, speaker, poet, and all-around fix-it man. He also happens to be a great father. I’ve experienced alot of growth as a result of this relationship, but it hasn’t been easy. God has imparted to me a little wisdom as a result of some of the growing pains I’ve experienced, and I’d like to share a little of that wisdom with my readers to hopefully prevent some of you from making the same crazy mistakes I’ve made in my marriage – and I’ve made a lot of them!

I’ve been a mother since 2004. My pregnancy was divinely-ordered and divinely cared for, and out of it came the most beautiful baby girl you’d ever want to see (of course, every mother says this about their new babies!). I struggled during most of my pregnancy, and almost lost her.  I’ve learned a lot about myself being a mother, as I often feel God stuffs a mirror in my face when my daughter tells me about myself through her actions.  But being a mother is the most joyous thing!  Women Walking In Wisdom’s Footsteps™ will share issues of motherhood, especially those frustrating moments that can sometimes cause us to pull our hair out.

I am also a teacher of biblical studies at a Christian college-prep high school in Georgia. God orchestrated this as well, as I was blessed with this position right after I completed my Master of Divinity degree at Emory University. I enjoy studying and teaching both Old Testament and New Testament from an academic point of view; it doesn’t negate faith at all, but it does open up the scriptures in a way that can add so much richness to one’s faith.  I’ve been teaching on an academic level since 2000 – teaching is my calling, and I’m so thankful that I was open to receiving what God had for me. I’ll be speaking a bit about calling and how you can go about discovering yours.

These are a few of my many experiences that I hope will enlighten and encourage as we seek to gain and share wisdom together.  Because the name of this blog is “Women Walking In Wisdom’s Footsteps™,” and women means more than just me.

I pray that you enjoy my site. If you have any suggestions for anything you’d like to see, fill provide your information below and I’ll reply promptly. (I will never share your email or any other information with anybody – your information is completely confidential!) You can also subscribe to my site by receiving email updates as often as I update (which right now is 1-2 times weekly) or through a feed (which is displayed at the top of the screen). I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Jim Legington says:

    Hello KWiz,
    “Women Walking In Wisdom’s Footsteps” Blog is understand that
    FaithWorks, I’m really hearing God’s workmanship, Beloved keep
    it up for Jesus Christ Our Lord. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing
    by the word of Christ. Be Blessed always, You are not alone -this
    is the day in which the LORD has made, Let us rejoice and be glad
    in it. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. We pray that the body
    of Christ is being a blessing everywhere there is ears to hear.
    Our God is One!

  2. Sania Wyatt says:

    I just got to your blog from a message you sent blogjolt. I see you went through a lot of troubled steps and I’m glad you were able to grow from it and also with a lovely baby. I wish you all the luck in the world. I’m gonna keep a look on your blog.

    Best Regards,

    Sania Wyatt

  3. AL says:

    I just got your email that you’re SOAPing my blog so I thought I’d check you up and I found your blog by searching for your email. I must admit that I’m rather glad that I’ve got a sensible woman with great wisdom and insight to give me honest feedback on the progress of my blog, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

    Keep up the good work, you’ve got a nice ‘homey’ blog.

  4. KWiz says:

    Thank you Al. I’ve taken a look at your blog, and I feel honored to have the opportunity to give my feedback. Thank you for the encouragement! I will do my best to give you detailed feedback, not just superficial kinds of comments.

  5. BibleWoman says:

    KWiz –
    We’ve got to stay connected especially as it relates to the work of Biblical Studies! VERY exicted about the web site. Keep it goin’, my friend!!!

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