A Lost Generation

I haven’t posted in quite a long time, not on a regular basis, as you can see. Life got in the way (this is not a bad thing at all). See, I’m a wife of almost 10 years (yea!), a mother over 6 years, a teacher over 10 years, you get the idea. And your life is no different – I mean, we’re all busy.

One of the areas of greatest concern to me now, as a mother and teacher (in a private school) is the state of education today – public education, that is. Our daughter is in first grade in the public school system, and I’ve found myself dismayed by the education system in this country. Civility is no longer valued among students, teachers are not respected, some teachers deserve not to influence our children’s minds. So one of the things I focus on is education.

To that end, my posts will probably focus more on the topic of education, since the need for education reform is staggering. We all need to engage ourselves in this effort, because if we don’t, we’ll decline into third world status…literally. And our children, so precious, deserve so much better than that.

To that end, I want to share this video. It’s entitled “Lost Generation.” It’s less than two minutes long, but in that less than two minutes, a great message about our young people needs to be heard – and spread across this country.

Take a look…

Our children deserve so much more than what we’re giving them.



  1. renata says:

    With this upcoming election I was just talk to a friend about how no one seems to care about kids and education. Being a parent I have made the choice to spend time teaching my son to love to read and learn new things. I think public schools will get better only when parents demand more from teachers and start teaching their kids at home. It’s amazing to me when people are shocked at how smart my son is, to me it’s simple I spend time teaching him. What are other parents doing?

  2. KWiz says:

    Renata, I’m with you. I supplement my daughter’s learning because I don’t believe she’ll get what she needs from public school education. We read every night, we talk about everything everyday, we encourage her creativity, and now I’m supplementing her math education with Singapore Math.

    However, while parents should be involved with the child’s education, maybe the parent is absent, maybe the parents are working alot to make ends meet (or to get the ends close). Yet, if you have the means and the ability, by all means, as parents we can’t leave our children’s education to chance.

    Thank you for your comment!

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