That Wild Woman! Well…

In last week’s “Women Who Run With The Wolves” post, I indicated we were going to be studying Chapter 2 – Stalking the Intruder: The Beginning Initiation. In this chapter, Dr. Estes tells the story of “Bluebeard,” the antagonist born within us that:

“severs the woman from her intuitive nature…leav[ing] the woman deadened in feeling, feeling frail to advance her

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Five Favorites For Friday – Week Ending Feb. 23, 2007

Time flies when you’re having fun!  It seems that it was just yesterday that I posted last week’s Five Favorites For Friday, and yet, another week is just about done.  I discovered some posts this week that generally covered the areas of personal growth and development, but I stumbled upon a very funny post as well.  In no order or preference, here are this week’s … Read the rest