The Power of Change

My husband is a writer, among other things. He would tell you that his is a gift that doesn’t come naturally – that he has to work at perfecting his verse and prose. I have, in fact, had the opportunity to witness his writing processes …he’ll construct a rough draft, read it, edit it constantly, look up new words to … Read the rest

I’ll Be Back!

Please forgive me…One of the great things about teaching where I teach is there is a great amount of flexibility in what I do.  That flexibility allows me to teach the way I feel is best for my students, to cover what I feel is most relevant, to assess what I feel is most important.

That flexibility, however, has one … Read the rest

Teacher Torture

At the moment, I am trying to finish constructing a test for my ninth grade Old Testament classes. And if there is nothing I’d rather do, next to grading tests, it’s making them up. I try to ensure that my tests are not merely a regurgitation of material; that, in fact, the students really have to think to generate good … Read the rest