PC vs. Mac

Last Friday, December 15th was the end of the fall semester at the high school at which I teach.  I get two weeks off from teaching (I always treasure this perk) and it is always my hope that my time off will be restful as well as productive. 
Restful it’s been…productive it’s not.  Something happened with my Pentium-based Read the rest

Priceless Friendships

My child-“hood” was not a pleasant “place” to be for me.  For me, that space lacked rooms in which to hide when I was ridiculed, bullied, and rejected by my peers.  I was always on the outside looking in.  It was sometimes a little scary, a lot of times lonely.  I frequently felt ugly as my thighs were “thunder” and … Read the rest

A Time For Reflection

Today was the last day of the first semester of this academic year.  I can say honestly, I truly need the break.  Papers, tests, quizzes, exams – if it weren’t for the grading aspect of my job, I’d love it to pieces.  I still love it to pieces; I just wish some of these pieces would go away sometimes.

I frequently try to reflect on … Read the rest