Life As A Dance

If you are 40+, you may remember shows like “American Bandstand” and “Soul Train.” I, as others did, watched the shows to learn the latest dances out at the time. Of course, during the 80s, video shows became prominent, and I spent hours watching these shows just to learn the dance steps from beginning to end. While some dances were … Read the rest

5:00am Shopping Spree?

How many of us are awakening at 5:00am tomorrow – the day after Thanksgiving – to catch the best deals on Christmas items? The Christmas sales are now on, but interestingly, I went to a local department store in October, and Christmas decorations were already on display. I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding,” and then remembered that … Read the rest

To Be Thankful

We can all look around and tell the Christmas season is coming. But is it me – or does it seem we bypass the Thanksgiving holiday to get to it? Commercials and advertisements abound for the big holiday sales so we can run up our credit cards trying to ensure those around us are “happy” by buying them gifts. Don’t … Read the rest